Increasing Candles on your child’s B’day cake every year bring happiness or the stress?

Every year my daughter’s birthday comes with two emotions the feeling of “happiness” gets an uninvited guest “tensed mind” which keeps thinking about the future. 9 years have passed by since my angel was born and it seems I have not done anything for her future, be it her education or marriage. I don’t seem to be an irresponsible father but where is my money going and if this continues how do I get control over this?

A so called common man has needs which are normally more than the earnings, his wishes and wants seem far away in sight. The giant called “society” does not let anybody live in peace, whether you like it or not there are so many wasteful expenditures which are done just to please the society and that pushes our wishes to stay far, very from even visibility. Be it a dinner at a restaurant or spending a few hours with friends for so called chilling out time. The only thing gets chilled out is our finances. One cannot and should not leave having a good time, what is important is you should know that this good time should not result in tough time for the future.

There are many saving tips if a person follows which can land you in a much better state, but let’s talk about only one thing today and which is the value of Rs. 5000. The amount might not be big for many of us as it could be cost of a Sunday evening for a nuclear family. Forego a movie or a fine dine dinner once a month, spend time with family eating freshly cooked light meal at home which shall not only help your digestive system once a month but can make your task of saving money and achieving one of your biggest dream of ensuring your daughter to be well qualified and independent after a few years of time. We hear about systematic Investment plans and might be aware of them well, but, let’s implement the same rather being just aware of it.

The power of compounding is huge, SIPs are plans offered by AMC (Asset Management companies or Mutual Fund houses in simple terms). Various schemes have different objectives one should seek advice from a qualified financial expert to understand which scheme suits best as per the profile. If you have a longer term of horizon and can take risk equity plans are best suited for you. I got a shock of my life to know that had I saved Rs. 2500 every month from the age of 28, at the end of 58 my corpus of that fund would be beyond 87 lacs. (Keeping an expected growth rate of mere 12%)

6 points to Act to be happy every year your child grows a year older

  • Know how much money you need for your goal
  • Understand which scheme suits you best
  • Invest your required amount and then spend the left out
  • Start early to start with less amount
  • Don’t disturb this money, let it work to make your dream come true
  • Keep a watch on performance with the help of financial expert


It’s not difficult as you think, simply check how much you need to save using easily available online calculators and let the increasing candles on the cake bring happiness every year.

Invest regularly, live stress free!

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