This summer, make your children financially smart

financial peace

(This article is also available on –  Financial literacy is a must and if one starts at a younger age then the process of evolution of a financially smart individual becomes easier. Lives of children are full of desires. Parents fulfill their demands due to increasing income patterns which has almost become a fashion […]

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7 ways to find the ‘Gold Pot’ left behind by your deceased parents


(This article is also available on – Here is how you can find the Gold Pot left behind by the deceased parents or spouse or no matter by someone for whom you are the legal heir. You would be wondering that this is possible only if you were Aladdin & you had a Jinni! […]

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How to bequeath your assets at minimum stress to your loved ones


(This article is also available on –  There are numerous advantages of a living trust over writing a will and the most important is avoiding probate, or official proving of a will Laxmi and Venu love their father like a friend. From Bollywood movies to cricket matches, they wouldn’t miss an opportunity to involve […]

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