Your money: Documentation of investment is as important as breathing is to life

financial peace

(This article is also available on–  The most common worry we all live is in what will happen tomorrow? We all save and invest for the family’s better tomorrow, be it for children’s education or a bigger house or any other event which needs financial power. Would you get extra time from GOD when […]

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Why purpose-based investments work better than investing for mere returns


(This article is also available on – When we are not driven by a purpose, we constantly chase a higher return even if the fund is performing at the desired return due to greed A fund worth Rs 1 crore or an education fund worth Rs 10 lakh! Choose your pick. Most people will […]

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Hero of Banking Industry: Unified Payment Interface (UPI)


With the advent and improvement in information technology, banking sector has been revolutionized. It has changed the face of banking and made it quicker, simpler and better. First it stopped manual banking and replaced it with computerized one. This reduced errors and provided more accurate information. This also made work easier. Then it connected all […]

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Which one is better between ONLINE Insurance Plan and OFFLINE Insurance Plan

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Every day, Insurance companies offer a large number of Insurance plans to the customers all over the world. These Insurance plans offer various money saving opportunities, but investors need to understand that money should not be the only criteria while choosing your Insurance plan. There are many other important factors which play a huge role […]

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