This summer, make your children financially smart

financial peace

(This article is also available on –  Financial literacy is a must and if one starts at a younger age then the process of evolution of a financially smart individual becomes easier. Lives of children are full of desires. Parents fulfill their demands due to increasing income patterns which has almost become a fashion […]

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Why you should respect money when you start earning

Man standing

(This article is also available on – If you don’t value the money, it’s not going to stay with you in a long-term. Rahul, 27, hails from Lucknow. After his placement in an MNC, he parents got relaxed as they did not have to worry about his future and his outstanding education loan. But […]

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Avoiding these 7 things once a month can make you a crorepati


(This article is also available on – To make this possible, we must keep investing the saved sum in equity mutual funds. The beauty of compounding plays a critical role here. Confused? Let me first tell you that Rs 1.3 crore can be easily built if you and your family members start avoiding seven things, and […]

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List of accounts to close on death of a loved one

death of a loved one

(This article is also available on – Priority is given to transfer of financial assets first and then settling other moveable and fixed assets. It is rare for the people left behind to think or have a check-list to close all important accounts or subscriptions of a deceased member of a family. They are usually caught […]

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7 ways to find the ‘Gold Pot’ left behind by your deceased parents


(This article is also available on – Here is how you can find the Gold Pot left behind by the deceased parents or spouse or no matter by someone for whom you are the legal heir. You would be wondering that this is possible only if you were Aladdin & you had a Jinni! […]

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